YSL Members Are Turning On Young Thug

You guys thought it was gang gang, well that’s all talk until they have that ass in the Fed’s. It’s sad more rappers and entertainers aren’t telling these young people the truth. Doing time for crime is real and when you glamorize that lifestyle it will catch up with you.


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  1. where i live it’s so strict, some idiot too a pic of himself selling drugs next to a police car. he got arrested a week later cause the photo. the law can make anything stick it they push hard enough
  2. 97% of all criminals and thugs aren’t “crazy or down”, they simply do not value their life, so they are quick to throw it away over a possible fantasy painted by bad gangsta rap and movies, or the local ignorant short sighted culture.
    It’s not until lifers or career inmates and criminals are in their 40’s or 50’s that some realize the value they could have had or may still, but with very little time to do so.

    I’m starting life at 42. I hope y’all don’t fuck up like we have
  3. Story as old as time , when it's all women and money everybody wants to belong but when it gets real , fools fold! Not many men left who know the consequences and keep it solid as a man , that's why boys shouldn't play a mans game
  4. Too many of our young men don't understand the difference between making a mistake and effin' up.
    If you put salt in your coffee because you thought it was sugar, that's a mistake.
    If you go to the wrong address because you went to 7th St instead of 7th Ave, that's a mistake.
    But when you CHOOSE to do things you KNOW can put major consequences on your life -- that's not a mistake. You effed up.
    So when you're standing in front of the white man in the black robe and say "Judge, Your Honor, I made a mistake," he's not trying to hear that. Because in his eyes, you didn't make a mistake. You effed up. And he gets paid to give you your consequences for effin' up.
    And the judge WILL make his money...

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