WHO IS… Jayson M. Thornton: EXPOSING Pocket Watching With JT

Who is Jayson M. Thornton aka Pocket Watching With JT? Today we Interview JT The Pocketwatcher who is a real accountant and YouTuber that has exposed some of the biggest scam artist in the financial literacy space. Lets get to know the guy behind Pocket Watching with JT

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IG @TradingWithADummy https://www.instagram.com/tradingwithadummy
Twitter @TradingWADummy https://twitter.com/TradingWADummy

DISCLAIMER – This video is for financial literacy entertainment Only. All my content is my own opinion and experiences. I am not a financial advisor and hold no formal education, certificates or diplomas.



  1. Did not like JT's comment about Pinky Cole giving LLC's to CAU's 2022 graduates. It came across as being envious. Give Pinky her flowers instead of trying to rain on someone's parade. Our people need positive encouragement instead of picking at every little mistake. When it comes to financial literacy in our community, I wish more youtubers will discuss the pros and cons instead of always trying to drag each other over misinformation. It's not what u said but how u said it!
  2. GREAT THUMBNAIL!!! 😁 You had me nervous to open and see something negative about someone I have come to appreciate and respect! THANKFULLY I was wrong! AWESOME play on words!!!

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