What makes you behave the way you do? Lis Hoekstra l Billy Carson interview Dr. Daniel Amen

Find out why you behave, crave, hate, love, and react the way you do to the outside world through brain function. Everything brain health will be discussed on this episode of Bio-Hack Your Best Life/4biddenknowledge podcast with special guest Dr. Daniel Amen of Amen Clinics


“The Recipe to Elevated Consciousness” by Elisabeth Hoekstra

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  1. Wow man we are both left handed Virgos no wonder I can relate to you so much I’m so thankful for all of your content because I been seeking truth and mastering my mind for a long time
  2. This is the first video I've seen you Billy with a woman is she the one you asked to marry you I wish you would introduce her each time you have a video with her because this is the only one I've seen so far so I don't know who she is thank you blessings you both
  3. This is not forbidden knowledge at all, this is public knowledge anyone have access to, Not here to stop anyone hustle, but this is stuff God warned about, that's why it isn't in the Bible, this is the serpent at his best, just like he beguiled Eve, saying you won't die but will be as gods, trying to tap in to your chakra an open the third eye or whatever, all demon to me, but not here to stop anyone from learning these knowledge cause I'm no where perfect to judge anyone, but be warned that you gone get yourself into something that God doesn't want you to be involved in
  4. The discipline of psychiatry is is the devil's playground and base of operation. This guy has some type of negative energy (a negative evil entity) within him...trust me. His voice was absorbed into both the host's as he was talking & this is what brought them down, tired, sad and dead feeling.

    Go to cchr.org to fully understand what this quackfactory known as Psychiatry is really all about. NEVER take any medications prescribed by this fake area of medical science...for those poisons called medicine - in around 70% of people - will kill their emotions that were put there by God...like (natural) love, joy, laughter, sadness and justified stress and anger. This is done to sever your connection to God the Father.
  5. Thank you Billy Carson, Thank you Elizabeth, thank you Dr. DANIEL AMEN, I have been to the psychiatrist, and therapist and My son can speak with his autism, but he hates me and he talks so bad to me. He lacks social skills and he did not talk until four years old. He is a genius with a sick brain. I put him in a boarding house and I,m his legal guardian.
  6. You guys sound like angry older people when scapegoatin video games. Hobbies can be healthy or detrimental, it's about balance. It's rather disingenuous, especially from a brain guy, not to talk about the Benefits of playing video games, from higher spatial intelligence and reason, to lowering your risk of dementia!

    I'm tired of people scapegoatin a simply hobby, and never discussing the benefits. You sound like people who don't understand new technology and dislike it as a result.

    P.S. I love Billy Carson and the guest seems awesome and doing consequential work.
  7. Brain food, body food, spiritual food and energy food is where it's at, staying healthy is where it's at.
    The Constant FLOW of nutrition wholly keeps you unblocked and free from obstructions mentally, physically, and Spiritually. I don't like to be stagnant in any area of my life, I started taking lions mane along time ago and it's great. I do alot of mental work and deep spiritual work to clear things out from childhood. Keeping the brain healthy is a must, for the work that needs to be done. Dr. Amen is super, he is also one of the reasons I started working more in deep energy work and eating more brain food.
  8. My navigation system must be off too! Because I'm just like Billy Carson! I've tried to pay more attention over the years but my instinct is always to go the wrong way its really odd. This was very interesting and enlightening thank you so much for sharing! Love and Light to you both β€πŸ’–β€
  9. I agree that the real pandemic is the mental/brain health crisis and lack of effective and safe treatments/protocols.
    If we can attack and find real treatments and solutions that work, I believe it will
    Naturally solve MANY other problems in society. Not all. But many. I think that we would all be repulsed if we know how much things affect our brain
  10. Are the Dr.’s supplements at a cost that those from middle class & below & those on disability can afford? These group of people seem to be the majority of the population and the most in need of these products
  11. Much Love & Respect to Dr AmenπŸ’œ Falling back in love with myself was the catalyst to HEALING, My MIND, BODY & SPRIRIT❀️‍πŸ”₯❀️‍πŸ”₯❀️‍πŸ”₯❀️‍πŸ”₯❀️‍πŸ”₯

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