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S1E8 Ft. Blue Pill

Featured Guest Bio:
Paul Moreland (Blue Pill) is a lecturer, journalist, entrepreneur, metaphysician and health enthusiast. With over twenty years studying and researching in the field of alternative medicine, metaphysics, and occult sciences Mr. Moreland has fashioned products and protocols that cater to solving problems that continue to escape the scope of modern medicine & science.
As a stepson of renowned healer Dr. Sebi Mr. Moreland has been privy to an array of information and applications that have enabled him to combine the knowledge he has attained by studying alternative traditional medicine along with the holistic knowledge he learned from Dr. Sebi and his mother, Annette Thomas.
Mr. Moreland’s background in journalism has given him a keen sense of research, which also has aided and assisted in many breakthroughs in his various business endeavors.
Mr. Moreland is currently engaged in passionately pursuing bringing this knowledge base into the world of plant based nutrition to create alternatives to the food choices that continue to cripple key segments of our population and with this attained knowledge find unique ways to address our ballooning health crisis. He also is preparing the debut of a virtual ebook called “Convos with the Cosmos” that explores man’s relationship with the sun at a subatomic level.

This Episode:
This episode goes high level on the full understanding of chakras, crystals, practicality of third eye consciousness, and much more.

Featured Guest Contact:
Website https://10000cards.com/card/paul-moreland
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bluepillar44/

19 KEYS:
Top thought leader of the culture and leader in the health , financial Liberation , blockchain , crypto , NFT , High level mindset etc. An Oakland,ca truth speaker..


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  1. i had de ja vu while watching this and not only that this was the first time ive had de ja vu and was able to identify the experience.
    years ago i dreamt watching this from my old crib (in the dream i was in current crib i only just moved into) , when i dreamt this moment i had never seen or been in this crib im in now and had no knowledge of who 19keys or who blue pill was... i had locked this memory away thinking nothing of it since it happed.

    so wild how this has triggered it to resurface crystal clear 🤯
  2. Notice he said "C u r e". Herbs are the way. A n y t h i n g is curable through and with the right combo of herbs. And, s t o p eating foolish foods.
  3. The black woman is is THE BLOOD LINE! We have been the backbone since the breaking of our BLACK MAN! We struggle because we are fighting to be single mothers to our young ad older black men! WAKE UP BLACK MAN! TAKE BACK YOUR RIGHTFUL SEAT ON THE THRONE! Stop trying to sell to us and PROTECT US! We are out here! FIGHTING! WAITING! STRUGGLING!
  4. 19 Keys can see in the dark now 🤣😂😭. He tapped into gateways, portals, and dimensions 🤦🏽‍♂️. This is pure comedy 😭.
  5. Great convo I’ve been all in MOBLIFE (my over being living in faith eternity) ooo high the most highest energy is the DON -dont let that go over yeah head I’ve been free unpluged since 2012 hola if you find me I’m all for the people
  6. So... NO AI TECHNOLOGY cannot feel. Where did you get that from. 😳 Science still does understand how 🤔 we feel. Your " feelings " and my feelings are not the same. Know one yet can truly convey what they are feeling in language only metaphor can simulate meaning and depending on someone use of pictorial language will they happen to understand 😁
  7. This conversation, the conversation with Ian and the conversation with Queen Afua are exactly what the culture needs 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I appreciate these convos wholeheartedly
  8. The fact that I put the volume of my tv on 22 and when they showed the tarot cards there was a 22 on the book. 😱 the synchronicities tell me I’m on the right path.

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