Tony Marinaro: The Habs Need To Finish Last Next Season! – Habs Talk #156

On this episode of The Sick Podcast, Brendan Kelly from What The Puck? joins Tony Marinaro to discuss the current Habs regime vs the past regime. Don’t forget to follow The Sick Podcast with Tony Marinaro on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SiriusXM and all other podcast platforms!

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  1. Bergevin's tenure was a disaster???????? WTF are you talking about?

    We made it to the finals, conference finals multiple time and won several rounds of playoffs...ALL while lacking real solid talent, aside from Price.
  2. Habs need to sign one year filler UFAs they can flip at the deadline for assets. Overpay for that one year if need be. It doesn't matter in a rebuild.
  3. NO TANKS! BELIEVING IN EACH OTHER is the thread that makes the CH the greatest ever. Don't sell the legend, The Future lives in the hockey and believing in the Whats next.. MSL will make the future in believing in each player at their best will make the better TEAM.
  4. montreal has the worse fans when it comes to patience? montreal fans better smarten up? you kidding me??? its been 29 years were waiting, aaaaand this is like the 4th so called rebuild of the team! i'll tell you what we have the worse in, its our media, we have the worse media in the ligue, and thats whats driving players away not the fans!!!
  5. tony i love your show and listen every time you do a new podcast. this one is the first time i have been tempted to shut it off. this guy is a 14 karat shit disturber and not worthy of your show. there was no reasoning or discussion with this guy he just kept repeating the same thing. he would let you speak ( sometimes ) then would just go back into the same rant. i stayed and watched out of respect for you but if i could have gagged this guy i would have. i love your work and most times agree with what you say but this guy was a mistake from the opening bell.
  6. Brendan and "the Tone"(copyright- captions emojis not accepted) are a good mix of entertainment. Cherry on top is always Les Canadiens.

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