The Master Investor X The Joe Budden Podcast


  1. One of the greatest of this generation! You are truly dedicated to the advancement of the community and have a heart of Gold. Praying that God continues to bless and anoint you. Keep shining your light and paving the way. With you 100%. #RedPanda4L
  2. Probably should say some black people !
    As opposed to โ€œblack pplโ€ as if youโ€™ve had an opportunity to have personal experiences with the majority of them. Thereโ€™s a shit ton of blks on this planet . Funny through any platform, Iโ€™ve never heard any group put their ppl in a box. Iโ€™ve only heard some blks do that. If you three (3) [ I didnโ€™t hear Joe say anything] were really seeking like minded blks you wouldโ€™ve found them. Seek and ye shall find !!!
  3. Everyone knows that working out amd eating right helps sheds weight. But a personal trainer can help you get there faster. Thats how i feel about ian. Im 35 and already been investing since i was 18 into real estate amd stocks and a business. But my portfolio was everywhere. I had great stocks that i had for 10plus years like my home depot shares i brought at around $28 in 2005 and now hovering around $300 a share. So i had a etf of my own. Ian chiseled me financially in the stock game. I now have 6 shares i DCA in amd that is 250 shares each of apple, microsoft, now amazon, amd by july 27th google. And i have splg and vti. I completely sold alot amd started over with my core 6 because these are the companies I believe in for the next 13-15yrs. So i cant say u made me money, because again im up still from the last recession, but i can definitely say u chiseled me and help me get more involved in stocks.

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