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The Earn Your Leisure Podcast. Financial Advisor Rashad Bilal and Educator Troy Millings will be your host. Earn Your Leisure will be giving you behind the scenes financial views into the entertainment and sports industries as well as highlighting back stories of entrepreneurs.

We will also be breaking down business models and examining the latest trends in finance. Earn Your Leisure is a college business class mixed with pop culture. We blend the two together for a unique and exciting look into the world of business. Let’s go!! #earnyourleisurepodcast



  1. The FED has lost it and the sad fact is ,it’s pretty obvious we are headed for hyperinflation.I think stores better have tight security because when people can afford to feed their families ,things might get ugly
  2. EYL is at it again! I am inspired by their channel. EYL inspires me to continue my own YouTube channel on Finance and Investing.

    I bet that EYL won’t pin this comment.

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