Steve Harvey leaked Audio, responding to Monique drama with D.L Hughley & calling him a Sell Out

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  1. Black ppl need to stop bringing each other down. And support one another. I'd you don't like each other oh well move on. That's why the police are so against us.
  2. 🤔 LEAKED AUDIO???? 😩🤦🏾‍♀️
    NO NO NO. NOT leaked at all, he said those brief words on his nationally broadcasted morning radio show. Nice click bait though 🤦🏾‍♀️
  3. Oh everyone knows Steven is down for DL hands down 360. Steven promoted DL's inclusion in The Kings of Comedy. I have not heard Mo'Nique say anything negative about Steve. She did contemporaneously demonstrate and express disappointment when he expressed his opinion regarding "integrity" and "the money game", during his televised interview with her.
  4. Monique is a strong successful beautiful Black queen which is a threat to these Black men. They don't like it when Black women in Hollywood have more powers than them. Monique gonna speak her mind especially when she's being bullying and defame from these mootherf*****..Pretty sure y'all gonna clap back at y'all haters too..No needs to be hypocrite 😤
  5. The thing is the more you talk about negatively the problem will not go away. And she’s losing money! It just blocks your blessing. It’s best to learn from the experience and move on! Of course speak your truth but don’t dwell on it! She’s a very talented lady!
  6. They all need to reconcile as it is clearly some sort of misunderstanding due to the fact they're all in comedy, and even when doing a show expressing your comfortability working with particular individuals isn't something that should be taken out of content, everyone has a right to work in a stress free environment so they can perform to the best of their ability!
  7. I can tell this platform has a lot of toxic immature people on it. Monique is in a fight by herself. Always has and always will be. If it's about the contract stick to the contract. Don't involve his family in this mess. She really mad because he spoke about her. Not one time did I hear him say anything other then what we see. Monique is in her own way. Lose Daddy
  8. Now see I wasn't going to say anything but LISANDRETTA, you are soooooo right. I thought that I was the only one paying attention... PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE .. YES..." MY SWEET BABIES" GIRL STOP...
  9. So wait the problem is Monique has husband that supports her! Make that make sense. Steve Harvey is married to a con so please sit wayyy TF down!!!!!
  10. Sometimes you have to respond to ppl bullshit she is very sad an need some help she has no control at home an she feel the need to control the outside world but what she need to know ppl will start taking her to court just because I still can't get over all the name she has called DL mannnnnn I bet Curtis Jackson rewriting her part of BMF I will say nobody want to be in no mess she need to act her age hell my 4 got more control then her

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