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  1. I've been heartbusted with every delay of "The Marvels", so I was UBER-tweaked to hear this was coming up! (I mean, if you can't get the main course, why not an appetizer, amiright?) Anyway, FINALLY got a chance to peep it & I gotta say; super NOT disappointed! (Thank you Marvel Over-Lords!) Can't WAIT for next week's drop! Till then, "Marvels - ASSEMBLE!"
  2. So excited this channel is real! And it’s a golden opportunity to share special content with fans, direct from the source. Please make the MOST of it! (Seriously, please go all out. This channel could make news all by itself!) 😃👍👏
  3. Message to the owner of Sloth Baby Production:
    Was watching the first episode of Ms. Marvel. Checking out on the YouTube, Sloth Baby Productions.
    It’s SuperCool to join but, but, but fyi , I am DEAF , a huge fan of Marvel Comics & the MCU. Very proud of MCU who put English captions in all of their movies and watching Ms. Marvel in Disney+ has English caption on. Yet I failed to understand why this YouTube sloth baby production only put (music). No words in this YouTube videos, nothing. Please put your English captions to those who spoke in the movie/series. You can always copy the captions from each episodes. If I’m wrong on these captions, my apologies but kindly insert the English caption to your YouTube videos on Ms Marvel. Thank you.
  4. I came straight here to YouTube after watching the first episode to see if this channel actually exist and to see if there's any any Easter Egg from marvel, Hope there will be a great content on this Channel and thanks for the epic Marvel Cinematic Universe

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