R&G #7: Real Estate Investing 101 with Justin Giles

In this episode Quiana & Matt sit down with Justin Giles @topfundmanager is an author, real estate hedge fund owner, founder/broker of @realestategurus and real estate investor based in Atlanta GA.

Justin gave us a lot of insight on how he went from his first deal making 25k and quitting his job to be a multi millionaire real estate broker/investor.

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Guest Justin Giles: @topfundmanager
Matthew Garland: @MG The Mortgage Guy https://www.instagram.com/mgthemortgageguy/
Quiana Watson: https://www.instagram.com/quianawatson_/

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  1. I definitely be speaking real estate and money wit the homies. I use drug terms to explain some stuff and people get it. So I like the 👮‍♂️ and who snitch to get the better deal scheme.
  2. Wait , DISCLAIMER. I like MG and Quiana but this guy? Idk about him. Is it really saying that he damages perfectly fine property to trick the appraisers/bank in order for him to get a 300,000 property for 80,000 for him to profit over 200,000+ for a property he damaged on PURPOSE? I’m sure that is some form of scamming or fraud which is probably why he said google him to see if there’s any scam coming up under his name. It’s not his first time getting the side eye. Let’s not gloss over the fact that he said he has a team of his own realtor to list the property so his name won’t be on it. From what he’s explaining he has a team in line to deceive the banks and owners. In my state if you are apart of any transaction as a realtor you must DISCLOSE that you are an agent, or that its your team listing it. Seems like he’s taking advantage of the owners, deceased family members, banks, and other realtors for his gain. EYL is a great resource. Please don’t taint it by promoting unethical people and methods
  3. Such a great show. I enjoy both host. I love the fact that MG is such a natural in front of the camera while educating us. Quiana is polished and sharp always attempting to help our people. Such a great combination.
  4. Another great episode… you guys are on the way to #1 If any body reading this is in The GA area and need a great barber hit me… search my name Terahdabarber I’m from Queens and I’m outside here in ATL… Come get right…. 🔌
  5. Hello everyone,I was just a beginner until I met mr Raini in a seminar where he teaches people how to trade on stock market which he guided me with a super platform and amazing strategy and I was thinking it was a joke but I cashed out my first $33,280 last week he tells you the actual time to buy and sell I'll highly recommend you contact him, he is very honest he will help you perfectly for free he lives here in US.
  6. Can we get a segment on how to plan and/or budget for upkeep on a property? For example, window replacement, roof, cabinets, etc. This seems like a massive expense for those who want get into real estate either for personal or investing reasons.
  7. School without a doubt brainwashes people. They teach you that failure is bad and "not an option" but failure in real estate and any other business means that you had the balls to try. You learn from your mistakes, pick yourself up, and go right back to kickin ass and never give up. Fuck college.
  8. Let’s not forget empathy is also an important business trait. The way she discussed the rent moratorium as if most folks are just freeloading off the government and real lives aren’t affected, is pretty slimy. Once again her entire energy is off putting.

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