REAL TIPS for Investing in Real Estate

Be educated, read the fine print, know what you want, and create the path to get there!


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Rasheeda means business… Literally. Not only is she a rapper, but also a successful entrepreneur. Whether she’s showing you around her boutique or cooking up new cuisines at her restaurant, she’s always in boss mode planning her next big move. #BossMoves #RasheedaFrost

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  1. Do a tv show of flipping houses but add your own twist to it like educate us along the way of flipping residential and commercial properties and maybe leave reality tv if that's an option. Much love to y'all
  2. the owner wanting to meet potential buyers is a real thing! Theyre selling their ''baby ''so some of them dont play. My husband's friend wanted a house but he offered more because he wanted to destroy most of it, the owner ended up selling it for way less to someone else
  3. I love this side of y’all❤️❤️❤️❤️now this is a blessing for you two to share. Thank you!!!! My husband has so much home remodeling skills, we should have been in the game 10 years ago, but there is no time like the present!
  4. “Be thankful not just for where you are, but for who is there by your side. “

    Hi Rasheeda and Kirk,
    Thank you for sharing this great information with us.
    Enjoyed watching this great vlog.✌🏽
    I’m enjoying watching these informational videos you are giving us to watch about business.
  5. Hey sweetie this was Awesome, Rasheeda I am a 64 year old woman who you are motivating, I asked the Lord to send me people who can help me attain Generational Wealth and you are one of them. Rasheeda I have my hands in some things right now as I have recently come out of a dark place, (BUT GOD IS GOOD) and am venturing into some things because I believe it is never to late. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS VIDEO AND AM GOING TO TALK TO MY SON WHO JUST BECAME A REALESTATE AGENT DOWN IN ATLANTA AND ASK HIM SOME QUESTIONS. I LOVE YOU SWEETIE AND KIRK, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING A YOUNGER WOMAN LIKE ME. LOL
  6. Great video AND I learned something so look at God...I'll definitely keep this in mind when I purchase my first investment property 👍🏽

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