Pinky Cole on Building the $100 Million Slutty Vegan Empire

In this episode superstar entrepreneur Pinky Cole, CEO of Slutty Vegan spoke about her company recently gaining a $100 million valuation, her shoe deal with Steve Madden, plans for expansion and more. #sluttyvegan #pinkycole #earnyourleisure

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  1. This interview was NEEDED, there’s a lot of entrepreneurs that have already made it and really don’t disclose “how” they made it to where they are now. Going from a ghost kitchen to truck to a store front and giving us that story really does provide clarity in the process that social media tends to hide. As a chef/entrepreneur it definitely provides clarity upon questions I didn’t even knew I had. Thank you @eyl. STAY ON THE LOOK OUT FOR SORBET KING! check us out if your in the orlando area too!
  2. Pinky, will continue to receive all her blessings from how she always giving back to the community  as well as helping  other people come up  as well. She is definitely an inspiration for everyone .
  3. who knew it's a cute Bussiness monster 👹 named P.I.N.K.Y I'm soaking up all game she push out put down and practice . M.O.L. on mine. money on long term keep up

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