Millionaire Reaction to SHAQ on Making $400M, Advice from JEFF BEZOS, and Being a MOGUL

My reaction to Shaquille O’Neal’s interview on EYL revealing advice from Magic Johnson on financial literacy and how you can apply it to your journey of becoming a first generation millionaire

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Matt Sapaula, is a former United States Marine turned veteran entrepreneur.

Matt helps those in transition of a new career and occupation to become an entrepreneur while acquiring the confidence, mindset and skills to win the money game.

Share in his journey to gain financial control over daily money matters and live your desired lifestyle.

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  1. Smacking the money from his hand simply showed him that being able to buy a pair of sneakers doesn’t solve the problem. She wouldn’t be able to maintain it. After that pair, that’s it. Gimme a fish and I’ll eat for a day, show me how to fish and I’ll eat for a lifetime.
  2. My biggest takeaway is that can turn down opportunities and still build a brand or grow. Also that you can change your audience or target market and still profit. Put yourself in a position to learn from those that can teach you.
  3. Biggest Takeaway… “to have someone smarter than you working for you”. I’m mindful to surround myself with smarter people to learn from them but Shaq brought some perspective by making sure those people are not only around you but on your payroll.
  4. Plan to be a billionaire by the time I'm 50. I will make the effort and the do what's necessary in every part of my life to do so. I can see it, and I'm going to do it.
  5. My biggest value and ultimate take away from your game and shaq was consistently put in the time and work with both the work and knowledge. Continue to educate yourself and learn new things!
  6. Biggest takeaway:

    1. People only see your success in present time but don’t understand that you’ve been working this sh!t for years now.

    2. You own yourself and control what you chose to do next.

    3. ownership over sponsorship
  7. Take aways from this incredible insight from Shaq and Matt:

    Why should I use this? I was born to serve and impact lives. Shaq has a tender heart for those in need, and he also has a thick skin to push through. A strong why and purpose will pull me towards my God given future.

    When will I use this: going forward I will keep a running list of people I hang around with, challenging myself to be with those who are smarter and more driven than I am. Build a network plan on my calendar, begin to grab coffee with those I’m inspired by.

    How should I use this: build out my business plan. Incorporate a 5 moves ahead plan, ensuring I have assets that will fund my lifestyle and change lives through the process.
  8. I think this is the take away "though not all counsel received will be wise counsel, it is still wise to receive counsel. A foolish man neglects to consider the need for counsel. He believes his own understanding sufficient (Proverbs 12:15). A wise man, however, not only seeks counsel, but hearkens to the wisdom found in such. Shaq seeks counsels
    of others and he also goes to great places where others hang out of that caliber or higher stature.
  9. My biggest takeaway was when Shaq said he the lady snaked money out of his hand and he thought something needed to change when it comes to his brand. He came up with a game plan spoke with the CEO of Walmart and took action. Not only did he lower the prices for his sneakers, he also work on look, he thought as a consumer and what he would want to wear and how it would make him feel.
  10. Inspirational 🔥

    Hes doing something he enjoys 🔥

    I’m doing something I enjoy and i’m making $10k a month 🙌🙌

    YOU have inspired me to make more YT videos to help as many people as possible escape the 9 to 5 to be FINANCIALLY FREE and SUCCESSFUL 🔥🔥🔥

    I’m going to continue the journey and everyone should be joining the journey before it’s too late because this is an opportunity of a lifetime 🙌🙌

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