Men Are From Mars l Women Are From Venus w/ Lis Hoekstra Billy Carson

Men Are From Mars l Women Are From Venus w/ Lis Hoekstra Billy Carson on Bio-Hack Your Best Life podcast

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  1. Thank you so much! Love a woman’s perspective on topics like these & even better when there’s an opposite sex to chip in with his knowledge! Keep up the amazing work ✨🍀
  2. Y'all are such a cute couple, I gave you a thumbs up even before I heard all the video. The only thing better than hearing from smart people is hearing from TWO smart people who also happen to be beautiful. Blessings.
  3. Man this is amazing . I realize what one problem my wife and I have after listening to this . Because I’m always trying to solve the problem and we end up arguing because she isn’t listening to solutions I’m suggesting and so on and so forth . Lol now I truly understand lol . Thank you guys so much
  4. The ladder bahaha my garage if full of emotional stuff...baggage. My wife it a High power exec. Im Mr. Mom. I told her she can take anything from the garage and I can tell a whole story behind every item she picks out. Ps double garage no car parked inside.
  5. that’s awesome. Had to comment…so grew up in the 90s.. My Mom would always say “Men are from Mars , Women are from Venus” which was, to say there are simple fundamental differences between the two. Essentially just “go with the flow and understand that you won’t see eye to eye on everything” but you can be aware.
    love you guys ✌🏻😎
  6. Such a great video. Thank you for this. Elizabeth, please can you do an in-depth video on how to get through the PMS stage ; how by to manage our minds and hormones at that time and what to do to prepare our bodies for it.
    Thanks again for this and I will definitely read the book. Thank you so much cxx
  7. You two together adds a unique element to 4biddenKnowledge 💯 The power of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine InnerG working in unison is so essential, so valuable and so needed! 💙
  8. It's amazing that in 2022, you have to explain the difference between men and women ( especially to adults). These are things that should already be known, preprogrammed from the creator.

    People blame the education system for dumbing down America, but I blame my peer group. We didn't grow up with social media, so there is no excuse to not know basic things.
    Mental deformity is when you think there is more than 2 genders,etc

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