Meditation Can Heal The Soul

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  1. Once upon a time, the US government proposed a law that would require the teaching of meditation in schools. The reasoning behind it was that people can't be held responsible for what they do without meditation. Essentially, you can't be considered sane unless you meditate regularly...
  2. You hit me right in the gut with this one. I have wasted years of time and energy acting negatively and as a victim. It wasn’t until Covid that I had time to actually think about and change direction.
    I still struggle but at least I recognized that I needed to make my life and marriage what I wanted instead of letting the past and past people haunt me.
  3. I eat my breakfast outside everyday too. I be on my phone and ish though lol. But feeling the sun and seeing palm trees is great.
  4. for me it's more internal I don't really need a crazy setup just letting go of things and having good breathing and posture 👍 it's nice to just unwind . you gotta be cool with the fact not everything is gonna have a solution sometimes things can't be fixed but you can always learn and take care of your well being and March forward.

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