'Martin Reunion' 2022 Full Episode Exclusive Review, Tasha K App REVIEW

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  1. Get off the gas Wiley. Great comedy routine. Just because you chose to simp over Tasha K, someone who is not going to simp over you is your problem not mine. If I can't get Tasha K's commentary from Youtube I guess I won't get it. I'm not about to waste money on 20,000 apps because I use my extra money to invest lmao. Funny how you said you was joking only after a viewer said she was going to go get the Bet app instead of cash apping you. Get the cash apps first then go into your dry humor after Wiley.
  2. Wiley, we love you, we love Tasha. Respectfully, Tasha has value in her IP but she’s placing her value far above larger commercial apps. I don’t believe it’s a matter of people not being able to afford the app, but respectfully Bet+, Netflix, Hulu, other apps etc are not as highly priced as hers, and we’re talking these are networks with hundreds of hours of movies, series, reality shows…literally thousands of hours of content to where people can replace cable. Of course, her app is valuable, I’m not disputing that and it is our own personal choice to subscribe and pay or not, but if she made her app a little more affordable for her main watchers, not myself included, she’ll get waaay more money and viewership, at a more accelerated rate. I say this with respect, I’m subscribed.
  3. I am a black woman who did not vote for Biden and I think the Democrats made a point by having a smell in our vote 🤔 so that they could cheat Trump winning in Most states then all of a sudden they shut down the voting booths... they stove the White House and I don't care what you say Trump was making America great again the economy was at its best since I've been alive and I'm 52
  4. You were doing good convincing us that we should support Tasha, but when you said some of us are jealous because she's married you undid everything you just did. Then you told us we should get a second job to pay for her app....... 😆 🤣 Let's just say, this rant didn't help Tasha get any subscribers.
  5. Wiley. You are funny as all heck. Going a bit too hard for Tasha. I like her, but who really gonna do all of that. Tasha need to pay you some commission. Lol
  6. Cancel Netflix and Hulu to get Tasha K app? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. I just spit out my water laughing lol.
  7. Hello Wiley🖐️ From Over Here In Carrollton Texas. Just Wanna Let You Know Your White Background Is Everything This Morning 🌄. You're Doing A Magnificent Job With Your Channel. Keep Pressing On In The Name Of JESUS Wiley 💯 Much Love ❤️💞
  8. Money is paperless debts… a push of a button it says you have money…. You really don’t need to touch it.. but it makes people feel better … you think they still making money.. . Paperless debt

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