Stock market expert Ian Dunlap discuses strategies to make money in the stock market under any circumstance. Ian also answered a variety of investment questions. We covered everything related to stock investing and took questions from viewers. #investing #daytrading  

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  1. What he said about REITs is on point.  Most took a dive since corona.  The stock club is the best thing I did this year.  I did not buy anything etf, mutual fund etc this year yet.  I am selling what I have because the platform that I was in went out of business.  I will be buying soon though.
  2. Amazon didn’t really need, diapers are a loss leader, especially with the bulk shipping prices at that time.—Amazon basically bought the brand name and information/data as it could sell more baby products to mothers. Target dominated the baby market at the time with its data science and by knowing which products correlated with early pregnancies and then sending mailers for baby products. That was targets bread and butter.

    Amazon doesn’t want AMC movie theatres, it probably wants AMC Networks (AMCX). The walking dead series alone and licensing is worth more than AMCX’s current market cap. Think on that for a minute. The rumor was bad in a way, but I had to think deeper.

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