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  1. African-American woman SHOULD date and marry the African-American man. NOTHING like OUR AFRICAN AMERCIANIZED KINGS!!! Just make sure he is a KING IN MIND SET and not playing with you. Thank you King 19 keys and King Steve Jones. Love ya'll for spreading positive information. Muah
  2. Will Smith smacks Chris Rock and only gets 10yrs. That "rapper" fails to tackle Dave Chappelle and gets beat brutally and allegedly he didn't even pull out the knife but he is getting other charges. 10 years ban from a one night a year club is not that deep.
  3. Great point with Dave Chappelle. He had a certain level of freedom. I don't think "cancel culture exist" the way people think. The one doing the canceling must by the own bringing in the money. If you insult the money you fumbled the bag. Many people make a platform from being controversial and don't have to worry about being canceled because that's the brand. I don't think society is "sensitive:. I think public opinion always came with the territory saying something is whack or not right isn't "sensitive"; cause what's the normal level of sensitive?
  4. I appreciate the part speaking on women because it's sooooo true! Not until I turned 40 is when that hit home for me. There's soooooooooo and I mean soooooo much more to a woman than her looks.
  5. Do you think a lot of influencers and content creators will get spread thin and be less found when so many people start building platforms with web3 πŸ€” I get people will need to get involved early to be on top, just like early birds on most platforms. Hint hint
  6. Wiz did a Will.. Will said to his wife in some words don't mess with my brand. But people who would follow him won't under follow him just because someone with influence said they be to half naked on their lives. Then again maybe people will. WIZ could of approached the thing differently. Stand on it with 10 followers or 10million followers.
  7. People don't want to take the message from the person who is the bad example... but thats the person who will speak on their experiences from their point of view... allowing you to figure out the reasoning. Some people just don't know how to reason. Then again some black people on social media are not social in real life. That's what's going on.
  8. Despite the economic downturn,I'm so happy☺️. I have been earning $ 60,000 returns from my $7,000 investment every 13days
  9. Yep, they be making ad campaigns on division. Worldwide mainstream TV. Take notes on all the brands doing so... They be tuning in to every show and have researchers figuring out things. It shows their focus. That why you should but word out to do more black love couples challenges without making a focus on the challenge. Just like they make ads without saying this is about bah bah bah. I'm just trying to balance it out. Because black relationships lack good PR campaigns.
  10. When will you groups make a movie that is to address these questions and show the reasoning on both sides and why it's the way it is. Get a Eddie Murphy style movie on it. The thing people are not looking at when it comes to black woman dating the way they are dating... is how they are picking around the world due to social media campaigns set up by two countries πŸ€”
  11. I always click on to people who say they left a bad crowd to do better, because someone told them too. But that person was just as bad as the rest of the crew, but lucky that someone pulled them to the side & gave them that word. If only that person shared the word with the whole click like black woman do. Not to say leaving the crew is always the right word to share. πŸ™„πŸ€”πŸ™„πŸͺ€πŸ‘πŸ€–
  12. If you're a black man in a suit, it must mean your going to a______. If your wearing shades 😎 your a______. Fill in the blanks, because I know the answer just be different. Who made the man... the clothes didn't.

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