Learn How to get $250,000 W/ Him500 (Financial Polygamy)

Marcus Barney @Him500 Teaches How to get $250,000 During Financial Polygamy Conversation.

It’s important to learn how to develop healthy relationships with our finances. This is a deep dive into the foundation. I hope you guys enjoy.

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  1. I will forever be indebted to you you've changed my whole life continue to preach about your name for the world to hear you've saved me from a huge financial debt with just little investment, thanks so much Mrs. Katherine Foley.
  2. I appreciate the The breakdown on how to gain business and personal credit credit. I have a lot of friends that think that you can just start a business and you'll get funding automatically. I Been trying to explain the process of having good personal credit and money flow To start with then building the business credit. Most importantly maintaining credit but keeping the utilizations low. Since I am a self funded business and I am rebranding everything I feel like I am relearning so much. Especially how to properly find your business and keep your personal and business credit in good standing. Thank you so much for this breakdown I have definitely learned a lot in a lot in I'm going to share as much as I can.
  3. I’ve been earning passively from my investments in the financial market (mostly crypto and stocks) with my portfolio amassing a whooping long term profit of approximately $285k in 4 months under the management of a hedge fund manager Mr Ronald Furey. I contracted him to manage and grow a certain amount of my income and so far, utilizing his services has been the most effective move I made in passive income generation
  4. Vegas was lit! It was so beautiful seeing all the successful entrepreneurs shout out to anyone who attended the convention...you are a blessing to the community ✊🏾
  5. I hope u noticed Appreciate the video my guy. So guys  Instant profit🖤org is the creditor the bank or the 3 bureaus. I’m tryna know who i can contact  to find side income and there goes Instant profit i earn from last year till  date
  6. I started investing with  Instant profit🖤org  when I was 18-19. I continued living at home and worked, with most of my money going into my portfolio. I reached my first $100,000 when I was 24, and $200,000 at 26. I moved out soon after that and now my returns are almost half of my actual salary.
  7. Great video 2 get this channel going! Following u since 2020 Marcus changed my whole life! 14 yrs me & my Biz struggled with Capital.

    RPX babeeee!!🔵💙🙅🏻‍♀️
  8. CONGRATULATIONS!! Thank God for blessings us with you Marcus. I am grateful for you everyday. The wealth of knowledge that you have bestowed upon us is immeasurable, not to mention a platform that overflows with resources and opportunities. I know this family & movement which you have created will only get stronger. We are your receipts of success and I pray for your continued success & blessings.
  9. Black Excellence at the Mirage Recession Proof Conference was everything. Marcus is a very authentic and kind man who was kind to take pictures with some of us. Thank you, Marcus. Coach Stormy was great and Myron Golden a powerful speaker.
  10. He is so full of shit! He has no financial background or college education! A background in fraud with a arrests! You guys need to stop empowering these professional internet scam artists! Put these people out of business! They are robbing poor peoples last money! People are borrowing money they don’t have to try to chase a dream with these scammers that isn’t real! There friends are also along for the ride to ride rental cars and be around real stars! The stars need to stop meeting these clowns too. They meet celebrities and take pictures for more fuel to make people think they are someone! It’s all fake! Him500 and many others are scammers!! Stop support these clowns!

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