Jamaica News Today June 04, 2022/Real News Media TV

Jamaica News Today June 04, 2022
Real News Media TV/RNM TV
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  1. My God sad situation, not even the pregnant woman is safe from these heartless criminals...may their soul rest in peace and condolences to their families.
  2. The recover of any illegal gun and ammunition is always good news. BUT, to secure the borders and wharf so illegal shipments of guns and ammunition can stop flowing into Jamaica so easily would be Better. Who sent the guns? Who allowed them to be cleared? Who collected them? When wanted criminals and gangs members are arrested is great news. BUT, if the crime laws finally get upgraded and criminals can get convictions and locked away for years is what we need. If people can push out criminals and gangs out their community and be willing to testify in court against all criminality it would make the society much better. BUT, for this to happen people would have to be able to trust the security forces and the justice system which has failed them for so many years since independence. Government should be able to provide leadership, maintain order, provide public service, provide national security, provide economical assistance, growth and investment for the future for ALLl citizens. BUT, we are getting political garrisons which breeds criminals, Speeches and Promises yet no fulfilling actions, governments that support extortions which creates gangs and wars for proceeds, governments that gives millions to dons and gang leaders as contracts to keep garrisons aligned to their political party which also breeds more gangs and criminals. Scammers, Dons, Gangs, Kidnappers, Rapists, Robbers and the Turning a Blind Eye has culturally destroyed many Jamaicans and our political leaders main focus is always winning the next election, so nothing positive is being done to address these issues. Murders as hits is now a lucrative business and has reached the business and financial sectors. The question is who is next? Will Jamaica ever be safe again so Jamaicans can be proud again?

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