INVESTING OR SAVING – Market Mondays w/ Ian Dunlap

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  1. I totally understand how she feels a 10000% It’s a MAJOR adjustment & you don’t always see the results from your businesses. It’s A LOT at once but it’s about thinking about the BIGGER PICTURE of the life that you desire. It’s WORK!
  2. Great info. So thankful for this content! As a mom of two I tried my best to learn and grow in investing and pass this knowledge on to my kids. Really needed to hear this message…it hard out here but got to keep pushing forward to financial freedom!
  3. Rashad stay going against Troy. I been peeping this for a while and it kinda gets annoying knowing they’re suppose to be “brothers”. The neck roll when Troy starts talking , the body language and all be off but when someone else is talking he all smiles. It’s something off about that. I love the platform and the gems y’all give out especially when there’s no sugar coating and Ian goes deep in his bag. S/O go y’all for changing the culture frfr! But I do notice the body language an awful lot.

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