IINNER WEALTH: The Path to Inner Power and Open Consciousness with Alexis Wilson

In this episode, David sits down with Alexis to discuss about how to tap into your inner power and access your open consciousness. They also discuss the importance of being self aware relating to their business.

Guest Info
Alexis Wilson
IG: @exaltmgt
IG: @lexalt

Host Info
David McCullar
IG Pages: @Mrdavidmccullar
Founder: @i_am_inception
Host: @iinnerwealth



  1. This is great. But all must remember where the origin of delivering this level of higher conciousness and spirituality and understanding of self comes from. The elder master teachers. These two beautiful black minds are only regurgitating the level of mastery and influence of information that stems from what the elder teachers spoke and taught. Teachers such as: dr john henrick Clarke..dr ben..dr ivan van sertima..dr delbert blair..dr alim El-Bey..dr Phil valentine..professor James smalls..professor George g James..bobby hemmitt..brotha panic..c Freeman el..dick Gregory .dr sebi..dr llaila Afrika..dr Francis cress wesling..sistah Myra..dr jewel..ms blue..khadijah..and many more..to all I say enjoy this segment and message..vibrate with the energy..appreciate their purpose and their delivery..but KNOW..they learned from the elders or learned from someone who learned from the elders..so I said that to say what, learn from the elders yourself..study yourself..self illumination through putrefaction. Know thyself..go study the lessons from the elder master teachers..as you were.
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