How To Buy Real Estate In The Metaverse | Rants & Gems #52

How To Buy Real Estate In The Metaverse
In this episode Matt Garland and Quiana Watson sit down with Dr Jatali Bellanton to explain all things metaverse. With the real estate market being what it is we discuss how to get great investments in the metaverse. Make sure you take notes because no other podcast breaks down the metaverse the way this episode does.

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  1. i i will forever be indebted to you Mrs Sophia and this channel❤you’ve changed my whole life I’ll continue to preach about your name for the world to hear you’ve saved me from a huge financial debt with just little investment thanks so much Mrs Sophia Johnny
  2. I wish people could understand the devastation that is to come of this. Literally it's called transhumanism and it's the goal of these global elite. Please don't do it and humiliate yourself by calling me a (CIA CREATED) conspiracy theorist, because you're falling for the plan to shut down anyone looking into what I'm saying. YouTube Channel Alison McDowell she will PROVE THAT THEY"RE USING OUR CHILDREN to put this in motion and it's proof by what this person is saying "her kid made $$$" ...

    We are really doomed folks, because you won't believe me....and I seriously fear for your children's future.
  3. Dr Jatali Bellanton, thank you for this awesome interview with our favorite hosts Quiana and Matt. You broke this down so well that I understood the whole concept of buying real estate in the metaverse. This was a mind blowing episode. Thank you.
  4. Dr Bellanton you rock. Your level of expertise in the space is of the chain. You are changing people's life all around the world. I am so blessed to be one if your mentees. Because of your leadership I can see the bright future ahead in the metaverse as well as in the real world. I highly recommend for everyone to follow you.
  5. This is ridiculous. You have to have crypto to purchase a make-believe land in the metaverse. This is the most dumb thing I ever heard. You can't actually LIVE on the land you buy so what is the point. God get me outta here
  6. Fuck that meta verse shit man! It’s literally the matrix, a slave system and here y’all are with a tutorial for it. This is evil. People like Musk and Zuckerberg are evil. Wake up! Humans are not meant to be machines with chips in their heads and nanoparticles flowing through their veins.
  7. Despite the dip in crypto, I still thank you for the level-headed financial advice. I started forex and crypto investment with $4,345 and since following you for few weeks now, I’ve gotten $18,539 in my portfolio. Thanks so much Mrs Amber Rebecca

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