How to become your own BANK with Marvin Mitchell.

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  1. I really like this Marvin and Myron would like to join and be part of it but I have 2 things/ questions. I caught the video after the challenge started, and I don't have Facebook and don't want to open Facebook account or any social media. How do I do the VIP or which platform should I send my questions?
  2. That’s why blockchain technology going to be the future because you are the banker if you hold a defi wallets you can trade off line and your the only person with the seed phrase for that wallet but if you trade on coinbase that’s called a hot wallet and they own the coins you don’t and with blockchain technology your the banker and you can write smart contracts and lend your crypto currency to companies and bankers
  3. crazy because i told myself and wrote fown on my notes β€œDo you think I am the bank” to β€œI AM THE BANK!” and that mindset was reflected in this video
  4. I’m a life insurance agent & love teaching financial literacy to my community. I still got more to learn & gained so much value from this video. Thanks Myron & Marvin (M&M)

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