How long will Ish stay on the Joe Budden Podcast : Part 2 Joe addresses Ish for not podding more

Joe and Ish are long time best friends and it was thought that this would make it so the two would always be on the same page however over the last few episodes it appears there is tension rising between them. In this episode we discuss what this might mean for the future of the show.

“Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio”

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0:00 Intro
0:15 Start of video
0:55 Joes Patreon
2:00 Ish intervention
2:59 Is Ish the New Rory and Mal?
3:50 Ish says he doesn’t get paid
4:30 Joe says Ish isn’t putting in extra effort
8:04 Future videos on the channel



  1. I remember when in the 200-300 Era all the comments were Pro Rory calling him MVP & now as soon as ppl started saying the same about ish, Joe Started 💩 on him.
  2. “Let me know what y’all think?”
    I think you’re bored and need to be more productive besides giving a daily/ weekly update on another man’s business. You have no facts and just jump on here and say Maybe, Maybe, well maybe you should be creative and create something of your OWN.

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