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Call-In Financial Talk Show hosted by Financial Advisor Jayson M. Thornton, CFP. Pocket Watching with JT is all about giving you smart money tips to help you reach your financial goals!

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  1. This is wild...Medical school is 4 years, Residency is at LEAST 3 years. To come out and not work would be foolish. She will likely work part-time and her entire salary goes to Daycare and Loan repayment. If brother is watching will need a job that can move in those 4 years as well. Residency isn't always available in our hometowns.
  2. Dude looking for an engagement to an African; he will need a dowry as well if they are traditional. Dude need to run. She will saddle him with debt
  3. POCKET WATCHERRRR!!! I wish you could talk to my clients. Convincing people who only JUST realized purchasing a home is a possibility for them that they can get a STARTER home and not have to shoot for the moon on the first purchase is probably the hardest part of my job. I genuinely don't know how to get through to them. smh
  4. Love how JT gives honest opinion and advice he’s not biased towards men or women nor what your profession is he wants to see men and women win at the end of the day thanks JT.

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