1. Cmon, all shorty did was throw numbers around lol. No real game about exit strategies was given. Itโ€™s common knowledge not to be over leveraged.
  2. Man! He could have just refinanced into a 1st position HELOC on a few of his properties instead of doing a cash out refi to strip out that equity. I think that would saved him but he's right having cash reserves to weather any economic storm should be considered.
  3. Thanks for the great video! Man, when you have someone like that dropping gems, you need to have him there for at least 2hrs! I'm new to the real estate business and I just learned a lot from this guy in only 12 minutes! Ya'll need to run this interview back asap. Thanks again for the video, I always appreciate the chance to learn from people.
  4. If youโ€™re down payment on your home is 20% or more you wonโ€™t pay PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance), the amount is automatically escrowed into your mortgage, and itโ€™s separate from your home owners insurance. There are legal ways around PMI, you may email baltimoreenterprises5@gmail.com to learn more. Iโ€™m not sure if Iโ€™m allowed to share my email address, please feel free to delete, if Iโ€™m not allowed.
  5. I'm so glad he put that out there! The biggest real estate investor in the world Sam Zell said in a recent interview. The sign that a down cycle is coming is hysterically low interest rates. Why? because the banks want to entice everyone to refinance so the carrying cost is cheaper to the banks when it comes time to take these properties back.

    This why I have a problem when I here lenders and realtors pushing now is the time to buy rates are low for a reason people.
  6. My exit plan is to hold my rentals for 2-3 years, sell for profits, then roll those profits into more properties ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ I talk about my properties and experiences on my YouTube channel! About to sell one of my properties for a 313% ROI ๐Ÿ’ฏ

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