Establishing Financial Well-Being as an Entrepreneur with Henry Daas, FQ: Financial Intelligence

In this episode, A.J. and Henry Daas of FQ: Financial Intelligence talk about the key ideas for establishing financial well-being as an entrepreneur. Their discussion is based on one succinct principle: money has no intrinsic value besides providing the ability to do what we want. While making money is important for any business, not knowing what to do with it can lead to its downfall.

Tune in to learn how to plan for your financial future and think deeply about what money means to you in life and business.

– What Henry has been up to – 04:58
– Where he is on his entrepreneurial journey – 9:00
– What impairs our ability to really do deep analysis in the internet age – 15:39
– The difference between being rich and having a lot of money – 18:04
– The concept of entrepreneurial discount – 25:39
– Leaving his $60,000/year job to become an entrepreneur in the 1980s – 26:59
– Where should an entrepreneur start – 29:02
– An analogy that might help you understand what cryptocurrency is – 36- :06
– Why you can’t fully predict the future from reading financial charts – 37:34
– Success is about having freedom – 41:15
– All successful entrepreneurs have this in common – 42:34
– Why working for other people is riskier than working for yourself – 50:12
– The dirty secret of hedge funds – 56:53

Henry Daas is an entrepreneurial and personal finance coach and author of FQ: Financial Intelligence. Previously, he founded the Taproot Foundation, which connects not-for-profit organizations with business executives willing to offer pro bono work. According to him, he has reinvented himself over ten times so far throughout his life.

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