Don't Let Fear Rob You Of Your Peace by Eisabeth Hoekstra and Billy Carson


  1. Many of us know that there is a much deeper science behind these shootings and other haness crimes and until these sick people are stopped it will continue.πŸ§πŸ€”
  2. I love the fact that you both are bringing Positive EnrG to the Planet.It is definitely needed! I went to school to become a life Coach to help coach people through there traumas by meditation Affirmations etc....We need change and Solutions and I love the way lis brings s new outlook on healing trauma.I would love to work with her❀️
  3. Love this Conversation
    Such Great Frequencies
  4. I got to say....if Billy Carson started a school or whatever to teach real history, I would sign up faster than I can blink. Everything that I have been learning for the past two years about metaphysics, the universe, true history, spirituality, science and the paranormal almost completely omit these major modern matrixes, paradigms and religions of fear, power and control. All of the questions I have ever had that I could never get the answers to from religions and the education system are slowly being answered through my own personal research. We need more people in the world like Carson here. The world must wake up!
  5. BC/Liz you are spot on! It's hard to stay focus with old media trying to brainwash and causes fear to get emotional reactions. Family and friends play into it and can't tell them otherwise. Positive knowledgeable content is much appreciated!
  6. This was right on time, I’ve been stressing a lot lately. The universe always provides, thank you for dropping this information. This is the message I needed. πŸ™πŸΏ
  7. Hello how are you!….. I’m really in a bad place right now mentally as well as physically not with health but with my action !…… I lost all the people in my life who I really care about current going back to school for medical assistance but in the mean time I’m sleeping in my car because I have no place to go I really don’t know how long I can hold on to this dream was married but wife kicked me out and been moving from girl to girl with no commitment I don’t know if I’m coming or going please help me out with some advice i can go on because I’m really in a terrible place at this point in my life
  8. I'm a high school dropout and I'm looking to retool and refine the current economic infrastructure. And right now on my own time I'm looking into the basics of how the economy currently functions, but I'm not going to go too deep into the fine print and details because I plan on simplifying it in a massive easily comprehensible way if not for everyone then at the least for most. I'm going to break it down into its most basic form so I can weed out what's actually necessary from what's there to only benefit the select few and in most cases corrupt. And then I'm going to add categorical and easy to understand economic functions and morally derived and beyond flexible and adaptable rules into the inner-workings completely overhauling and renewing how the economy as a whole works. The goal as I do this is to create a fair country absolutely packed with endless opportunities for literally everyone. We will be able to afford to give literally everyone a basic living income and food voucher no one will need to qualify everyone will just get a monthly check. Because whether we all agree or not we don't all have the same values in life and what I'm mostly talking about is our ideas of success or even how successful or not we want to be so no we're not going to completely reward bad behavior and choices like literally doing nothing with your life but at the same time it's time sadly to say to give people that option and at least make it semi comfortable and at least allow them to choose that way of life to at least live a little beyond just existed and this will solve homelessness and hunger and although this way of life will be semi comfortable it will be purposefully so to inspire people to do more with their lives and reach different levels of success and endless ways to get there not requiring but preferred an education GED and degree for most jobs and careers but yeah there will still be meaning for an education system especially if you're under the age of 18 but once you're that age most commonly people make mistakes and don't finish their education so the idea is to still promote those values but there will be multiple varieties of safety nets and alternative solutions provided to give people more options in that sense that their country cares for them no matter who they are or what their lifestyle is with the exception that you're not a drug dealer sex trafficker or Mafia leader if you catch my drift and even though it won't be perfect because the idea is doing away with social security not retirement programs but disability programs sense everybody will have a basic living income at least to start out will obviously be just our country but I want to go beyond our own country to unify the world eventually but yeah the intention is to create opportunity for everyone acceptance no matter who you are or what you believe in as long as it doesn't harm mentally emotionally or physically anyone else and in some cases that will need to be debated on where the line needs to be drawn but another benefit to revamping how the economy works now bear in mind there's much much more to this but this new way the economy is going to function is going to weed out corruption on so many levels giving politicians the campaign funding needed from taxes no longer relying on big corporations in fact it won't be allowed for politicians while running or even getting support for bills being passed and creating a government system that truly does rely on the peoples overall wants and oversight putting more power in the people's hands and less if any in the hands of people doing things they shouldn't be doing for the wrong reasons there doing what they're doing them for so hopefully everything I've said is enough that's a sample everything I've talked about and suggesting is only going to make the world a truly better and adaptable interactive place improving this country in so many ways from a financial moral and one of the biggest benefits is it's going to destroy a lot of the corruption from top to bottom from all angles and giving more power to the younger generations in government affairs and representatives trust me I'm coming at this from all angles taking every argument and all the types of resistances we will be faced with while trying to make these huge changes as quickly and efficiently as possible but again according to society as it is now because I have no high school diploma or GED or any other degree for that matter I looked at as a nobody and people have been conditioned to ignore people like me and think nothing of us if not looked at as trash at the very most and I plan to change a lot of the stereotypical thinking but I'm on social security for multiple reasons some understandable and justifiable and some not but I never wanted to be dependent on social security I'm just not a conventional person so I can't do things in a conventional way especially because just to be honest I find no value in my own life unless it is helping others in the most largest scale as possible and this is the only way and the only time I've actually been motivated and inspired even to the extent of going outside of my comfort zone in all the ways that I am and plan to but if I want to get support and not behind me but beside me then I have to start to reach out to good but also highly educated and most of all more experienced people to help me bring my ideas to life I forget what movie or show I heard this from but it goes like this go big or go home I get a little bit of a different meaning from it so for me I need to make a giant leap and Skip past a lot of the needless hassle and old obstacles that in my new theoretical world will be thrown out with all the other outdated functions and ways this country and world works so this is my attempt yes to get a shortcut and get a jump on bringing my dream to a reality I'm not cocky enough nor do I want to be to think I could do this alone let alone jumping through hoops and obstacles I will have nothing to do with because I'm not a submissive person and I'm sure there's an error in my thinking but hey nobody's perfect but that's why I'm bringing a rough draft of my idea that goes way beyond what I've already mentioned to you guys and your channel and I don't want followers I want partners who will accept me as the free spirited and rough diamond that I am and honestly always will be so if my intentions aren't clear let me help make it that way I may be a genius but I'm not a refined one in any traditional sense and I'm sure there are some IQ tests that won't back that up but think of me as like an Elon musk who didn't finish school never wanted to never will and I'm an idea man I'm a good listener and director and finding the right people for the right job I'm completely aware that I ain't got the tools to do this alone but that doesn't mean Im not adaptable and incapable of finding the right tools for the right job no disrespect intended so please I hope I've shown I have some valuable qualities if not at the very least can be useful so I would really like to talk to people like you guys and some others I have in mind to discuss on equal terms everything I've discussed and more connected to it but also to get to know you guys and you guys get to know me as long as you guys can keep in mind I'm like a wild untamable animal and who's intellect resembles in a metaphorical way a rough diamond that will never be shaped to perfection mostly because I have no desire to be I have come to very recently like who I am now because I realized I don't need to be anything more or less than who I am and there's enough value in that and the only way there's a chance I might improve a lot of the things that I know which is simply make me better in so many ways is if I can find shortcuts in improving them mostly because I'm one of the most impatient people in the world at least when it comes to Long processes but trust me that'll be much more of a good quality than bad if at all so I would love to hear from you guys it would be highly appreciated thanks
  9. This is so true , I was talking to this girl on Plenty of fish and she looked just like the girl on the left ,and I kept asking her questions, because I felt like she was lying , and when I realized she was telling me the truth ,it was already to late , I missed the opportunity to talk to a women that was really looking for love ,because of all of my insecurities .there telling the truth much love to both of you πŸ˜‡πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ
  10. im not american, every country has its issues but you guys are intelligent enough to figure out a solution, these shootings are just silly and so avoidable, come on america sort this out.

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