Did Jesus Kill His Brother and Have Sex with His Sister? Cesare Borgia Exposed by Billy Carson


  1. My light body flowered open a gold vine wrapped around me. I felt like a flower bed. I lay my head down and close my eyes and the was sitting next to Jesus sitting up out of the Eather he was huge and size of human man maybe 6 3 I think. We talked and then he handed me some thing..I EARNED HIS TRUST.. Wow mind blowinng a beautiful Golden pen full of acient wring so pretty and gem stones moving. Keys to thr Iniverse and all elements and all creation and we talked and our free will is for all pure evil to de deleted like a cancer.
  2. You are so Gifted and brave THANK YOU for KNOWLEDGE & MOSTLY CONFIRMATION!!!
    It never ever made sense something has ALWAYS felt OFF
    Not Impossible To Believe Conceive or PUT TO AN END!!!
    THANK YOU!!!
  3. Even most religious symbols, the cross, the star of David etc, were actually pieces of ancient technology used to pull electricity out of the eather.. Which, is used in conjunction with our minds (imagination/visualizations) and our emotions to LITERALLY create PHYSICAL reality!!!
  4. Thank You so much! I was introduced to one of Your recent videos earlier today. I am so happy and relieved! Many things You are exposing and teaching, I have been waking up too. Today You gave me confirmation and spurred Me on too keep following My Spirit. I been feeling the lies since 7 years old! Things were stalling. Everything came too a halt. I couldn't put My finger on what. I was being slowed down and made still so I would recieve this Gift Today. More Truth!
    Wow! I been saying to Self for the past 3 months.....Good things are coming My way! And I will continue too repeat that knowing it is Truth.
    I will share this on fb just like I did the first one on Thursday, 6/23.
    Lead a horse to water. Can't make 'em drink it. Keep teaching Bill Carson.
    Let the Love Flow....💪🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💚🕊🤗
  5. I've believed that the catholic religion (on which I was raised.. sitting in the very first pew in church EVERY Sunday morning with my parents and older sisters) has been a lie and basically a "cult" for years now. How many Jesus' have there been for goodness sakes... jesus, osiris, Krishna, etc... ALL of them have been "crucified ".. ALL had 12 "apostles .. ALL of them were virgin births...
    C'mon people.. PLEASE WAKE UP ALREADY!! The brainwashing and indoctrination runs many many generations deep!! Sadly, it will take a LONG time for people of this realm to learn that ALL religions are a form of "divide and control" the masses! Now, this of course is MY opinion. But I am DEFINITELY not alone with my beliefs!!
    And YES, I also believe we are ALL Gods! Our imaginations are God.. What you imagine and combine with emotion will "create" reality!!! Wr ARE creators, we are Gods.. The evil controllers of our realm in which we live have tricked humanity in to worshipping (working for) the demi-urge or evil which we've praying to is pure evil.. The Baphomet.. Satanism uses upside down and inside out.. (reversed).. Lucifer, was the light-bringer... responsible for the enlightenment of humanity, the spreader of knowledge!! And I ALSO believe that heaven and "hell" exist right here and now!! And, HELL IMO) does NOT truly exist! The gods in the bible were evil people.. And YES EVERYTHING IS ENERGY.. so prayer energy is very powerful.. able to givec REAL POWER to those evil people... PLEASE stop praying to them... THINK!! The TRUE creator of our reality would NEVER "order" humanity to rape, kill andcstesl from each other!!
  6. What’s wrong or so evil about the Gospel of Peace and Salvation? We can all agree with Paul the apostle of Jesus that here on earth we don’t wrestle with flesh and blood but with rulers, powers and principalities of darkness from unseen places in the heavens. The war is real and it is a spiritual battle for your soul!
    Those powers afflict and oppress people, they use them as pawns and minions to carry on their evil agenda (steal, kill and destroy …fill in the blanks…family, health, wellness, your faith etc) Those powers are at work everywhere including church and every aspect of society. I wouldn’t debunk the existence of Jesus or his message of love, peace, hope and courage based on many pawns and minions around the world using his name or the church to hide their evil ways. After all nowhere is written that Jesus said: go to Rome, build the Vatican Church, amaze as much power as you can, kill people in my name, and create man made religion. Jesus message according to the New Testament is very clear to me love God and your neighboor. He taught us the proper way of love, how to pray and how to be saved (be baptized in water, repent, pray for your enemies, believe in his message,miracles, gifts of the holy spirit, renew your mind, live a righteous life, come in peace/leave in peace, follow the 10 commandments, be humble and produce good fruits. What humans decide to interpret or do with that it’s another story. A believer in Jesus and his gospel of peace and salvation walks by faith empowered by the Holy Spirit becoming a new man and new creation in Christ identity. The mind is constantly renewed, walks by faith not by sight, is humble and obedient to the will of his creator and receives revelation and all the other gifts of the Holy Spirit.
    Whomever decides to paint Jesus in a certain image, hijack his name or legacy tainting it with discord, murder, and any other sins of the sinful nature is disconnected from truth and is operating under a different influence and jurisdiction. If Jesus did not exist…then no invisible friend in the history of creation has left such powerful legacy of love, peace, hope signs, wonders and revelation for more than two thousand years to those who are willing to receive his message, love him and connect to him by faith, personal relationship and prayer. Many of us rather continue to believe in Jesus and his gospel rather than the gospel of mankind, CDC, Pharma, Gates, Soros, Evil Bloodlines, Sentient AI, Hollywood, and powers pushing humanity to be chipped and tracked like cattle turning us soon into a mere QR code and NWO. A free fall all while we idolize AI instead of God and put our faith in ourselves and our creation as we “advance” in “knowledge and technology”.
    I would much rather put my time and effort investigating all those Christians around the world with powerful testimonies who have had Jesus encounters while alive or death, those healing the sick , delivering people from evil spirits, freeing people from bondage of depression, oppression, mental illness etc…I would also continue investigating biblical prophesy and for those who need physical evidence relics like The Shroud of Turin’s latest and most recent discovery.
    We can try to become human2.0 all we want and if thousands upon thousands of years and resets have not made us better humanity with much higher levels of consciousness despite all the different cosmic infiltration coming down from out of space or other dimensions. Don’t you guys think we can really use a Good Shepherd to save us from ourselves and those who seek to enslave us?
    As great , free thinkers and smart as you guys are, nobody here holds the absolute truth in any given thing . We all have a little piece of the mystery and human puzzle and since we don’t know what we don’t know until we know it I would keep my mind open as well as eyes and ears to higher revelation and not throw the baby with the dirty bath water trashing Jesus and his commission. Who cares if Jesus is tall or short, long hair, white or dark? Who cares if Borgia or any other hijacks the identity, twist it and turn it upside down? Isn’t that what the enemy would wish? John 10:10
    I would also spend some time investigating the mind, heart and legacy of Jesus disciples and apostles …after all they sacrificed their lives for their mission and many Christian’s who refuse to let go of their faith and conviction continue being persecuted, thrown in jail, mocked , ridiculed and killed just like the “high priests” and the deep state back them did to Jesus. This world is under the jurisdiction of the Prince of Air ( and rulers, powers and principalities of darkness from unseen places) until an appointed time when everything that was hidden and concealed comes to light , wrath comes for those who deceived humanity and the gospel of peace and salvation is preached in every corner of the world. At such appointed time every knee will
    bow and every tongue will
    confess who Jesus is.🕊
  7. I took psychedelics at a young age and have meditated for years. I've not done anywhere near the amount of research you have but I have come to almost identical conclusions about most of what you said.

    There is clearly vast chunks of the bible that are unhelpful misdirection and I often find myself making the case that the useful information in the bible is available to everyone, direct from source.

    But we are too busy reading the book to just listen.
  8. Billy , I've been watching you. And I have to tell you. I'm 64 and believe me, been waiting for someone to explain this stuff since 5 year's old at least. Thank you so much for sharing ♥️
  9. Yes religions is a false conception but don't fall in another false conception. As above so below. The human life is only a stage. It looks like beehive. Trinity is Drone (male bee), Queen bee and worker bee. To reach one of these stages , there's 3 stages larva (human), nymph (Nephilim), bee (angel). For a Queen bee there's no problem to have sex with his brother and he sees no problem to sacrifice his life to give his sperms (snakes) to the Queen. Jesus is like a Drone who kill his old and tired brother and gives his snakes to the core of the Earth. It will be happen soon ,the Earth magnetic field is decreasing power, a new Drone is coming !
  10. Once upon a time, I wondered if Yeshua was sexually assaulted during that famous beating. Interestingly enough, I asked that question on a Christian social platform and I was shot down and seen as committing "Blasphemy" because I had the audacity to ask such question.
  11. Please do a broadcast on Hebrew Israelite and where did they come from in society and bible. I think they need toilet know. They believe that are from tribes.and all of America is.

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