Detroit Lottery Winner gets $30K and buys $20K Chain, then gets Robbed!

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  1. Since he fits the description, he should've purchase a thug kit. A gun, a gold chain and gold teeth. His rep would've be sealed for a while after he pulled put on them
  2. Guy wins $30,000 in lottery. Spends the bulk of winnings on gold chain. Gets robbed of his investment…. Donkey of the Day for the Breakfast Club😅😂🤣 Priceless
  3. Great show as usual guys! That guy was definitely in his 40s and as they say he was asking for it lol priorities definitely out of whack lolol smh 🤣
  4. And the jury was probably only worth $3,000 in real money. Because with the jury no one knows what the real price is except the thieves who make and sell it. It might have been complete zirconian silicate jewelry and that dumbass would have never known. So he gave a small hat $20,000 to get maybe $3,000 worth of mostly fake ass jewelry 😢
  5. This is why I say reparations wouldn't help my people, black people. We are culturally fucked up 😐🤷🏾‍♂️. We gotta figure out how to fix our culture.

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