In this clip we talked about Joe Biden’s plan to tax cryptocurrency, we also talked about different strategies to avoid taxes on crypto. #crypto #taxes #joebiden

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  1. Bro BIDEN trying to tax on cryptos?
    That guy is litteraly shooting himself on the foot or balls because man, the banks hate crypto and they have no control over it. WHAT MAKES THIS SO CALLED COMMANDER IN CHIEF THINK THAT TAX WILL BE INVOLVED IN CRYPTO WHEN ITS SO UNSTABLE?
  2. If you know the tax law you know the government is already taxing people 1,000s of different ways, they should focus on being more efficient & effective with the money get now
  3. Section 80603 of the infrastructure bill, BS. The fact that they will require all Americans to register as a broker just to hold and conduct transactions is another way to make sure that black people will never get ahead. Bfirst.....

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