Cryptids – Could They Be MetaphysicalManifestations?-Cryptids, The Fear Feeding Beasts!

Steve and Robbie examine several reported sightings of Bigfoot and other strange cryptids from
around the world which include the UK, where many researchers believe that such a beast could
never go undetected.
Are there metaphysical and paranormal attributes to this phenomenon, and if
so, what exactly are people encountering. Steve and Robbie also look at some of the evidence and
ask, why do some encounters seemingly have a connection to UFOs. Featuring special guest,
researcher and film maker Chris Turner and eyewitness and researchers Charmaine Fraser, BBR,
Bigfoot Tony and Richard Freeman.

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  1. Quick comment not to tell my whole story
    But psy reading ability yes
    Cloaking ability yes
    To sum and encounter
    Imagine the wooke village on star wars
    The young agile at the tree tops
    Senoriry at the ground level
    Built with defenses
    You will not see it until its to late
    Its built to lore you in
    And get you stuck
    For intelligent and unintelligent beings
    There are always sentinals in those areas to to lore detain capture and send and alarm seem to use psy n phermones

    It is as the native american culture states with these beings i learned native american religion and culture after that event in my child hood
  2. Egyptian writings talk about how the gods (aliens) created mixed animals and even humans mixed with animal. dogmen and bigfoot could be such a creation done by aliens? 50-50 mix of dog and human and 50-50 mix gorilla and human? thinking outloud
  3. Sasquatch is a dimensional being, who steps into and out of our reality. It doesn't need our land to feed from. They are a highly developed and very cultural beings. Far beyond humanity. When we become more loving as a species, we may start to meet them.
  4. Cryptids are definitely interdimensional. I saw a flesh and blood little person, heard it's footsteps as it ran, then poof, disappeared into a tree. These sightings are not rare. People don't understand they can raise their vibrations and become unseen, yet right in front of you
  5. Anyone see the Yellowstone video it's live video of bufflo and in the back there 4 10 to 13 feet tall creatures walking and they cut the feed that's one best Bigfoot videos out
  6. Look into missing 411 people say Bigfoot can move threw dimensions where they are in caves then when thy go to find it again its just a rock or there heads coming out of trees but no body
  7. I had a Question... I was thinking that Space as a whole is (Male) and Planets are (Female) ... So when comets (Rocks) Hit the RIGHT Planet... Its like Sprem going into a Female... Producing Life 🤔 On the Right Planet (Female)

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