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  1. At this point I don’t understand why 500 hasn’t hired you as an advisor to consult with before he puts out any information he’s unsure about. With the platform he’s built and the type of money he’s made it seems like a no brainer to hire someone who knows the legal ramification of doing some of the things he does/says.
  2. I personally went to the RecessionProof conference in Las Vegas, NV at the Mirage. All I can say is Marcus Barney aka Him500 gave Black Excellence. Well respected speakers and great information. This man has helped many gain business credit. He isn't promoting fraud. Now people who are trying to get something for nothing like homes and credit and don't make payments have harmful consequences. I knew a woman who was helping black people get mortgages and the fools didn't make the payments. She got in trouble helping dumb black folks who never follow protocol. HIM500 had Magic Johnson, Myron Golden, and many other great accomplished people at this conference with sound advice.
  3. He’s been outed a bunch of times for giving information to people that can land them in federal trouble. He & a couple other clowns is the reason i look at david shands and “EYL” university side ways. They just put all types of fraud dudes on their fucking shows and promote bullshit to the community
  4. Wrong. Credit card companies do not use your income to determine your limit. It's all based on your history. Income was just recently added about 15yrs. ago.
  5. Yeah you shouldnt be lying, but if you don't become irresponsible with the credit you should be fine, its when your ass is buying and not paying back🤣

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