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  1. JT while your content is relevant and timely and perhaps comes from a place of concern, the certitude with which you speak translates as pompous. You have done good work for the people and acquitted yourself as somewhat of an intellectual provocateur.. however it is overshadowed by a sheer lack of empathy. Is there a problem within the community on making rational economic and social choices ? Absolutely . Is the answer to try shaming people and ignore the overarching economic realities facing people that are out of there control I think not. Perhaps if there were someone who was willing to be accountable and you coached them pro Bono just 1 only and let them be the example of how to grow from a place of ignorance and ill informed choices , perhaps we can see more progress. I understand the frustration but we need more nuisanced discussions about how to change people's economic situation that don't require gruel and a decade of austerity.
  2. There are some skills that are more recession resistant than others. Entertainment and leisure tends to be subject to discretionary funds available. Cosmetic surgery is put off. Dining out falls off. Vacations are scaled back.

    You need to pay the plumber. You need to keep the car working. Groceries need to be purchased.
  3. I make a pretty good living. I'm taking a sandwich, bag of chips and Arizona iced tea to work for lunch today. Case of iced tea comes out to 65 cent each from Costco same tea is 1.50 out of the machine at work. And ordering lunch I'd probably spend 15-20 dollars.
  4. Thank you for mentioning the skill piece, no, you’re not gonna get paid 25/hr for customer service and if you do, you’ll have to be able to do more than just come to work. People want something for nothing
  5. The guy could never be an entrepreneur because he's talkin from emotion not logic. Saying "for a business to be successful.." Sir have you ever operated a successful business?
  6. JT is right he is looking at it from the view of a business owner and the caller is looking at it from the view of an employee this why companies have had the upper hand and wages have not grown all these years people not knowing there value according to the market the higher the skill level the more valuable you are the more you can negotiate
  7. 1:14:00 JT Walmart is a terrible example. They hire employees and have them working less than a full-time schedule just so they don't have to pay benefits to a large amount of their employees... and have the gov't supplementing the employee's wages with gov't assistance.
  8. 1:06:00 im thinking I'm going to have to agree with this caller on this one. Companies kill their growth by trying to pay bottom dollar for employees in certain positions, and then wonder why those employees perform terribly. The problem is that we have "Scrooge's" running companies or in leadership in the first place.
  9. They really have trouble accepting it. They'll say $350 and it usually comes out to $1100-$1200 a month (before credit card usage is factored in). But still argue now we gotta go line by line with a calculator and I promise they feel like it's torture to face it
  10. That first caller, jt you were doing the loudest in the room is right. The caller was right. But it's contingent on scale of the business.

    And sticking strictly on 20% is insane. So many factors.
  11. Amazon customer service is comprised of the 100 reviews I read. That last story was hilarious nelly turned the club into auction 101. Thank you for the show guys.
  12. Pocketwatching with JT is slowly becoming a phenomenal channel into helping people mentally and physically with money by being smarter and wiser. I’ve learned watching this channel the real wealth it’s within how smart you handle your finances.Glad to be subbed to the channel.
  13. The south (Georgia) must be different because employees are not rewarded due to their high quality of performance. They micromanage their best workers 99% of the time 😂. That’s why customer service sucks here. They will hire anybody and enforce nothing because it requires them to “work”. Management and all sucks.
  14. Thats right its here and will be over in a year. Full employment and higher wages. The people that upgraded their employment and skills the last 2 years will mostly be fine its the people that have just been collecting a gov. check and are looking for the next scam or back to the same job they had before covid.
  15. I’m probably an anomaly but when I receive absolutely terrible customer service and it’s relatively consistent I’m permanently lost as a customer. Idc how cheap it is. It’s funny because I’m anti-Walmart too many bad experiences. The only time I ever purchase anything from Walmart is when I’m forced to and can’t get what I needed from anywhere else. That’s usually only 1 item where I’m in and out which is sometimes months to weeks in between. I try as much as possible to avoid giving them my money.
  16. You mean that strip clubs are not recession proof? Oh lord, what are we gonna do? I feel so sorry for the strippers, ( NOT) Get a Job like everyone else. Oh yea that is a job. All those men that wanted you and you turned them down, I guess you should have taken their number. ( Private Dancer)
  17. When I first watched you breaking down a couple gurus I had soaked a little game from I saw you as a hater.. Although I’m the type of person to dive into the people that don’t tell me what I wanna hear and after listening long enough I’ve realized you are damn near a God send to the people.. Preciate the work you’ve done and have been doing big brother, peace and blessings
  18. @15:15 - The person who to them is the TV; the person who told them was Entertainment and Celebrities through Psychological projection. If you aren't wearing (Jordan, Gucci, Prada, etc..), you're Poor and irrelevant.
  19. If the concept or principle does not stand against testing, giving examples is a dodge.

    Simple concepts and principles are easy to understand.

    E.g. "Steam is hot. It will burn you"

    This is an extremely simply concept. If you understand the nature of steam, the principle of heat, and the consequence of your body coming into contact with extreme heat, what example needs to be given to a reasonable person?

    Analogously, if a financial concept or principle is being argued against, the argument in contradiction ort the argument in defense needs to be as simple.

    The chick arguing about labor could not present principle or concept that could stand on its own. She constantly moved the goalposts.

    But likewise, JT can't seem to be patient enough to let the deer walk into the trap.

    Doing so much extra work arguing every point when it can all be cleaned up in one shot by simply letting a person make their "wrong" point to conclusion, holding them to it, then destroying that point because you disallow back-tracking, goalpost moving or deflection.

    JT: "So your point is X?"
    Caller: "Yes
    JT: "And that point is complete?"
    Caller: "...."
    JT: "Well, on this topic, let's agree that your point is complete. Now I'm going to tear apart the premise or the logic or both..."

    An opportunity for clear education for the caller and for listeners who wish to be educated.

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