Black Owned Social Media Platform

The CEO of Fanbase Isaac Hayes III sat down with us for a powerful conversation. Fanbase is the black owned social media platform that’s changing the game.

We spoke about the business model, how it can cause a major threat to the current social media powers, how creators can monetize on the app, equity crowd funding, venture capital and more. This is a must watch episode! #fanbase #socialmedia #isaachayes

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  1. Vanity numbers? I love the way he breaks it down. Every content creator needs to hear this. Success is about having a tribe of supportive individuals rather than a huge army of consumers/takers. Massive thumbs up
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  3. I'm 15 minutes into this interview and my head hurts from all the gems he keeps dropping on it. Getting a loan/advance from your PRO instead of waiting 9 months, his father coming to Detroit to record with orchestra's for Hot Buttered Soul, how many major artists have sampled his dad, the growing number of people who will have streaming aps on their phones by 2030 and why selling your masters is a bad move. smh. Wow. (unpauses video)
  4. Thank you for showing a guide map ..something that is extremely beneficial to creating content and earning giving us some thoughts on the process!
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