BLACK KNIGHT SATELLITE – Highlights From The Premiere at Emagine Royal Oak Theatre

Watch The Black Knight Satellite Full Movie Here:
The Black Knight Satellite evidence that has never been seen and interviews from key credible sources. Anomaly analysis from digital imaging experts and more. A documentary by Billy Carson.
Watch The Black Knight Satellite Full Movie Here:

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  1. β€œBy this time there were many β€œdark” satellites with low radar cross sections, designed to orbit the earth unannounced and undetected until an hour of need. They would then serve as backups for launch detections or communications in a nuclear war, in case the first-line military satellites detected to these purposes were suddenly missing in action. Occasionally a dark would be detected by one of the major astronomical radar systems. All nations would deny that the object belonged to them, and breathless speculation would erupt that an extraterrestrial object had been detected in Earth orbit.”

    - Carl Sagan (β€˜Contact’ copyright 1985)
  2. I thought this was gonna have some shi# that was interesting. Instead I get a bunch of self loathing red carpet wannabe mfs
  3. Congratulations to you and your team Billy.🎊 I haven't seen the movie yet:: I don't see anything wrong with us knowing and learning about these things . My personal opinion and recommendations.. we are bound to start seeing and running into things now that more civilians are gaining access to space travel.but this area, this object and it's cycle should remain restrict access we wouldn't want space junk or debris floating around it's cycles . Now the simple fact that someone named it the Black Knight should tell you something. what do Knight's do ? Wait for it.
  4. Awesome stuff, really looking forward to this stream, as you guy's have collectively put a lot of research into this mystery. The images clearly show something more than a thermal blanket.
  5. Hi Billy, can’t wait to see the movie, and after your success with this one, maybe you can look into, I saw a video that said there may have been 4 pyramids, the one missing was black, something for later enjoy this project πŸ™πŸ½
  6. Loved it! I'm not a TV person but I do love the education and high vibration Billy Carson brings to life. Thank you for offering useful insightful shows on your platform it is needed and so appreciated.
  7. ✨✨Absolute Class Event.✨✨. Everyone looks amazing at Billy's red carpet premiere. Congratulations on your first movie Billy!! I can't wait to see it!! πŸ–€πŸ›°πŸ–€

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