Billy Carson talks about his UFO encounters, The Anunnaki, The Mayans, Galactic wars & more

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  1. I be tranna tell ppl the Bible Market and Promotes the 😈 .
    Think’n back as a child I wouldn’t even know the so called devil exist if I wasn’t introduced to him.🤦🏾‍♂️😂
  2. Hocus, I’m really enjoying your content !!! Thank you for putting it out here , from your clubhouse family too🌹😇wonderful interview
  3. I love that you did this…I used to follow him and for some reason I was feeling a bit skeptical about him…this video definitely made me remember what I liked about him….good interviewing Hocus!
  4. Also y’all talked about amen ra being an “opp” and all this stuff and he bring up a war that happened at the pyramid of sun he gotta cite where he got that from because i haven’t been able to find any story of that
  5. Thoth definitely ain’t bad just because he gave us language look at all the other things he did bring to us it was all in due process. And even though the pyramid of the sun is larger that is not the point. The pyramids of Giza had a purpose and were placed specifically in alignment with Orion’s Belt. Do some research into the Dogon Cosmology brotha. Keep up the vids💯
  6. Thank u for this video bro this is something different I be tired of the gangsta street jail 💩 this a good jawn right here…
    This is outside the 📦
  7. Amazing! Keep GOING!

    I invest, trade and collect NFT's full time. If you'd like any information or advice just hmu.

    I escaped a King Pin charge in the streets of Harlem about 13-14 years ago, so I'm confident I can help others like us navigate the space.

    This was fire FYI!
  8. I was pleasantly surprised to see Billy Carson join the platform. I read his books and watch his lectures. Wifee has shares in 4bidden knowledge. Great look!
  9. Hocus I respect 🫡 your beliefs and the other guy about ufo’s but imma keep it Real the BIBLE is a living book! The devil is deceitful and will make something like what the brother is saying in this video seem believable. But The times we living in now is already written in the BIBLE SO tell me what other book on this planet is as accurate as the Bible? None! JESUS CHRIST IS REAL AND COMING FOR HIS CHURCH. Like the WORD SAYS EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW AND EVERY TOUNGE WILL CONFESS JESUS IS LORD! (Romans 14:11) GodBless you all!

    Hocus CHECK OUT Marcus Rogers!

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