Basics of Investing in Cryptocurrency & NFT's (BEGINNER) #BlackCultureTalks Money & Investing REPLAY

Our “Investing for Independence” Community held an insightful conversation about the Basics of Investing in Cryptocurrency & NFT”s (non-fungible tokens) in 2021. With the recent crash and volatility that many of the coins have experienced, it is a great time to bring this conversation to the masses. Do not invest until you understand the Basics of Investing.

Our speaker and wall street insider, Quentin Martin, brings clarity to these new asset classes by walking us through the following common questions:

❓ What is Cryptocurrency?
❓ What are NFT’s?
❓ What is Blockchain and how does it relate to the virtual currency space? 
❓ How are coins bought & sold? 
❓ What are the best platforms to use/stay away from? (security & regulation)
❓ How to research and find the ‘best in class” coins? 
❓ How to spot red flags?  

Did you know that African-Americans are more likely to own cryptocurrencies? According to findings in the 2022 Ariel-Schwab Black Investor Survey, 25% of Black Americans now own cryptocurrency, and among Black investors under 40, that number rises to 38%. In contrast, only 15% of white investors own cryptocurrency, and 29% of those investors are under 40. And 8% of Black Americans view cryptocurrency as the best investment choice overall, double that of comparable white investors. #Crypto #NFT #Stocks

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Quentin was also the first guest speaker on the highly popular Earn Your Leisure Market Monday’s podcast:

**Disclaimer: Investment in the stock market and cryptocurrency involves financial risks and is not suitable for everyone. Invest at your own risk. I am not a financial advisor and any content that I share is for informational purposes only. You should not construe any such information and/or ideas as financial advice. Should you have specific questions regarding taxes, please contact a Certified Public Account and/or tax professional.
In a nutshell – this channel shares observations not recommendations.


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  1. "Most people don't know where Crypto came just appeared one day. Everyone started chasing dollars, but no one chased the knowledge" Quentin 'Q' Martin - Listen to Q break down the history behind the cryptocurrency market.

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