Anunnaki Q&A With Billy Carson

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  1. there is issue w finding the past as a black person.. but to say melanin is superior and put down others to say they are supreme is negating the very fact of any intelligence to begin with .. because its a slam dunk method..and they tend to lump every person who is pale as white.. not all white tribes of people did a thing to any blk person..not all are Spanish from Rome.... even the Irish and any white person caught was a slave... but thats ok... right? I get it all.. but reversing to hurt is not helping either as we are NOT back in those times.. I get the ancient trauma.. but as well my family line was slaughtered a lot and NO Im not jewish... any color of a human type can be horrible and beautiful.. lets leave it at that..
  2. Maybe the missing Plant is Moringa or Ginko Thats the most nutrient packed plants in the world. Would be curious wether we could date region and ancient plant finds back to that area!? Do you know more about this?
  3. Hi Billy. Why do you think we are so down trodden? Why are we lost? Why don't we know our names? Why do you see hybrid life forms? Are there a people that are elected beyond what you see and study?
  4. I heard you say the Sphinx was not a statue of an African face that had the nose blown off to conceal the real identity now you are saying different. You stated Noah was with a '" black family" where is the proof of that or reference please.
    I believe the Sphinx is the astrological sign Leo and not the face of a human at all and it is not clearly African features, the nose is gone so how would you tell ?
  5. Love your work Billy ! Big fan of Thoth + Isis . If someone needs to raise n pilot the Spacecraft under the Sphinx.. b privileged to try it ! :) But it could also b a metaphor ? Like when he says he was waiting below.. and anytime you need me.. I will b here waiting . Where was he ? Remember Thoth is a Magical Trickster ..!
  6. Billy can you please make an episode about inflation? This is such a topic how they suck all the life energy out of every human. But they dont see it, or questioning it??? I know about the near history but it seems like that big powers have plannend this, to hold power. Im really interested what the tablets are telling about inflation. much love ❤️❤️❤️
  7. You opening reminds me of the accounts Admiral Byrd who according to accounts, flew into middle earth while over Antarctica where he reported seeing an entirely different ecosystem with distinct creatures and highly intelligent beings. Known as Operation High Jump .
  8. Yes the American Negro African-American black did originated from the Americas we are the oldest people the Anna whiny the first we are the descendants of the Atlantis they were good ones and bad ones and a lot of mad scientist keep preaching the truth but we are the true copper Indian descendent of Atlantis
  9. Awesome Billy...The left paw of Sphinx a mile deep is Thoths ship?...holy crap that's awesome, Billy ! Roger Spurr of Mudfossil University ch on YouTube has proof of Titans and giants, The Morrocan Dragon to Petra and Stonehenge being petrified organic biological matter. ..absolutely fascinating
  10. I have been monitoring the finding on Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, said to have been built before the ice age, before civilization. Maybe they are living in the hollow earth? you think it fits in with anything? I am fascinated with this temple. My first deep dive.
  11. You are a great persons I hope ur sons will amplify ur genes, keep educating and putting out the information sometimes we do not get, luv and blessings❤️
  12. What a beautiful and brilliant explanation on behalf of Black Americans' and our tendency to question where and when our people were present in the realstory (not history)🙏🏾👏🏾💪🏾❤️
  13. i wanted to make the live yesterday! spent the day chasing thieves through the jungle with my town... on the other hand we got them so now im extra relaxed to absorb the knowledge
  14. Ain't planet x nibiru and if it is didn't they say when nibiru gets closer to earth ki going to get to hot and destroy it if that's so thats biden plan to further destroy this planet

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