Amazon's Stock Split, Crypto, & Real Estate with MG The Mortgage

In this episode we went over Amazon’s stock split, 8 signs of a Recession, Ethereum’s Future, the economic outlook for the rest of the year, and more. We also answered live questions. #amazon #stocksplit #Ethereum

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  1. If Apple acquires Square and Jack Dorsey becomes the next CEO after Tim Cook retires! Oh baby!! Right Ian Dunlap? Then Apple and Tesla become friends instead and scratch each others back? Or Tesla becomes an addition to Apples ecosystem instead of them building the Apple Car. And then Elon goes on to create something else because the man is a genius and can. Im here day dreaming now about how my stocks can look if any or all of this happens. Whoa (Place Hillary Clinton meme gif here). LOL
  2. Despite the economic downturn,I'm so happy☺️. I have been earning $ 60,000 returns from my $7,000 investment every 13days.
  3. I just realized how many new people are just following the show. Guys.
    Do some research on YouTube if you are serious.
    It can be quite intimidating at first but keep going. Don't give up!
  4. the rally has begun with the blockbuster movie "Top Gun:maverick" selling $89m, versus the distant 2nd place movies at $9m or less.
  5. Naw, it's just you and the media scaring people (remember, the media is owned by some super wealthy people who want to sway public opinion).
    .Buy FAAMG (Facebook Apple Amazon Microsoft Google)
    Here's why:
    - people have jobs, under 4% unemployment
    - banks report the highest balances in people's accounts
    - house values are way up, people can always pull out the equity for cash
    - credit card sales for restaurants and hotels are up.
    - Back to school will increase retail sales. I have to buy the kids a new Apple Macbook and iPad and dorm stuff.

    Nothing to worry about. Q1 is historically low retail sales for the last 4 years.
    Morgan Stanley data shows that credit and debit card spending are way up (restaurants and hotel), but people just aren't buying lowend retail (Walmart, Target) as much.
    Side note: the news media are against social media because advertisers have left them and now mostly advertise on social media.
  6. Ian I love and respect your words but based on what you told us in past market Monday’s UONE looks like a trash stock based on its charts. Is it smart to just invest in something just because it’s black owned?? Even if it’s performing horribly throughout its existence 😬

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